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SICAT currently serves customers in the energy, the chemical and the "clean-tech" industries
  • Coal/Gas-To-Liquid

  • Fischer-Tropsch

  • Methane Conversion

  • Selective oxidation

  • Selective hydrogenation

  • Synthesis in harch environments

Clean Tech
  • Biomass conversion

  • Waste Water Purification

  • Photocatalysis

  • Sulfur recovery

New applications continue to be discovered, prompting users to consider switching to β-SiC or mesoC+™.



Trapapart designs particle traps (PM 2.5-10) used in roads or public transportation that require no energy and that are regenerated easily

Île de France

We are pleased to announce that SICAT was selected among 5 companies, to test its innovative solution in order to improve the air quality in the subway and stations in Ile de France.

This innovation consists in massively trapping the suspended particles in the air thanks to the use of our new mesoC+™ material.

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Saint-Gobain NorPro is now offering SICAT’s self bonded Silicon Carbide materials.

SICAT's line of materials complements Saint-Gobain NorPro's own portfolio with new, innovative, value-adding products that can be used in aggressive environments and can be tailored to meet customers specific needs.

Saint-Gobain NorPro is a leading specialist in custom catalyst carriers.



Saint-Gobain NorPro

SICAT collaborates with Robocasting, a world leader in 3D-printing of ceramics and composites, to produce innovative 3D β-SiC structures. Contact us for more details.

Ongoing Partnerships

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